I just updated the anime page, feel free to check it out. Hopefully the more animes I watch, the more I can post on that page!


Summer is quickly ending and my summer was somewhat uneventful outside of running. Things got more exciting ghis weekend Clint decided to come down to sunny NC. The weather was beautiful and we were able to eat out at a bunch of restaurants and more importantly go to Frankie's Fun Park. We got to race go karts and play laser tag. Go Karting is always a good time and I love a good competition. The problem is I realized how terrible people are at driving.

On the plus side, Clint won it big in the Plinko game. It was a great weekend, it's always good showing people around my neck of the woods. One aspect of NC that I got to show Clint is the shopping here. In a Brookstone we found a Yoga machine that acts like a mechanical bull. Here's a picture of Clint's infinite potential.

Another thing to do down here is to eat. We definitely did a lot of that, as you can see in the next picture.

On a completely different note, I did get to watch couple of good ones over the summer that are worth mentioning. Don't be suprised if you see some images from Hatsukoi Limited, Valkyria Chronicles, Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger, Ristorante Paradiso, or Candy Boy. I definitely enjoyed Hatsukoi Limited so I plan on adding a character to one of the banners in the months to come. Check out my anime page for my latest impressions on animes I've watched recently!


As a dog owner one of the scariest things is to lose your dog. This weekend Karen and I found a stray dog in the apartment complex. We caught the cocker spaniel and found that the dog had no tags and was very thirsty. I had to take the dog to the vet to see if it was micro chipped, which it was. Unfortunately the chip wasn't registered so no one knew who the owner was, just that the dog's breeder was in Louisiana. Thankfully we ran into the owners a few hours later but it was a real eye-opener for me. It's important to micro chip (and register) your dog and put tags on the dog. More importantly, don't leave your dog unattended!

Pody was a sweet girl, thankfully we were able to take Mabel to a neighbor's house so we could bring the stray dog to our apartment. What a difference in personality between a cocker and a corgi! Makes me appreciate a quiet, sane dog. Of course I wouldn't trade Mabel for the world.

Although I would be lying if I didn't say that it was a welcome change to have a quiet dog in the apartment.


Running. It's always been someting I was never good at. In high school I always dreaded the mile run. Back then a mile seemed like eternity and I could barely do it under 8 minutes, even at my peak. As of January 2009 I've been fairly diligent with my running routine. I bought a new pair of running sneakers and decided to run off my extra weight. I started over 200 pounds and I struggled with shin splints, fatigue, joint pains, etc. I wasn't really losing any weight until I got sick in NYC. I managed to stick with the running and now I'm down to 170 pounds so I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I can't say that I'm a great runner after 9 months of running but I can show you how much I have been running. I went out to a local running store to buy another pair of shoes. I decided on a pair of Mizunos to replace my Asics but there was a mixup and I ended up bringing home the same pair of shoes that I originally bought. I thought it was interesting to compare the two shoes, and you can see that I put the Asics through hell. Thankfully the running store returned my shoes and let me get the Mizunos I intended to buy.

You can see the giant hole on the side of the shoe. I'm happy with how long the shoes last, I probably shouldn't have worn them as long as I did. I got a good 6 to 8 months out of these shoes so I think it's money well spent. I probably got over 500 miles on them. Here's hoping the Mizunos I just bought last equally as long. Going between 3 to 5 miles a day will definitely wear my shoes out but I'll be happy if they can last me until after Christmas.


Today's update comes from a restaurant called Twisted Fork. Since Karen's out of town I decided that I'd go out and work on my website rather than stay at home and do nothing. I feel so...hip!

Since Karen isn't here I will do the unusual and take a picture of my food. Trout on top of pan-seared crab cake and mashed potatos. I chased it with a warm oatmeal cookie. Deslish! You may think I'm pretty yuppy, and I won't disagree. At least my inexperience shows and I took a picture of the food AFTER I started eating it. Nice.

I also posted some pictures of my New York trip below. We went at the end of March and it was a very interesting trip. We got to see a lot of NYC and it was great to walk around. I think I caught swine flu after I came back from this trip since I got quite ill and lost about 10 pounds. If swine flu made me lose 10 lbs then maybe it's not so bad for me! On top of that I got to see another Yo Yo Ma concert, I never grow tired of his music!

I guess it's important to note that some big news happened while I was in NYC. I tortured Karen all week in eager anticipation of the big question. I think every time we walked by the Rockefeller center she wanted me to pop the BIG question. I really liked the idea of going proposing by the outdoor ice skating rink but it was so crowded. I eventually propsed to Karen towards the end of our trip, and thankfully I got a "maybe" from her. I'll take that as a "must be". We have big plans for October, maybe I'll "blog" about it some time.

So for the first time, I'll put a full picture of Karen up without any puppies in sight! Welcome to the website Karen, eventhough you probably don't want to be on it!


I put up some more pictures of Mabel and put in some retro updates since I'm terrible at making daily updates.

So as I use Windows 7 more I'm starting to get a better feel for it. It has some nice features and a pretty presentation but I'm not quite convinced if it's really for me. I'm super impressed with the Tablet software that's included and I could rave on for days about how well it can read my handwriting. For those of you who haven't seen my handwriting before, just trust me when I say it's awful.

Working on a computer everyday makes you appreciate the fine art of writing things out by hand. I try to get every chance I get to write to help me not forget how to do it. It's quite sad actually. I have long since forgotten how to write/read in cursive and it's completely inefficient for me. Now a keyboard is my best friend and hopefully this new IBM tablet will help me get write things by hand more. Or at the very least help motivate me to draw more.

Back to my thought on Windows 7, I know it's still in testing but a lot of my applications crash. Just now I had the Windows picture viewer crash on my when I tried to open a picture that I took during college for my digital art class (I know it's hard to believe I took classes in art, it certainly doesn't show!). I use a lot of open source software to make Mabel's website come to life and it's a crying shame when I nearly have a heart attack trying to get this software to work. I will say my current lineup of open source software is working 10 times better than my old software did on Windows Vista. The real test will be when I install the Canon software and try to download some RAW pictures to my laptop (the whole point of this laptop). The big problem that I'm seeing with the crashes on Windows 7 is that it takes about 2 minutes for the application to die, even if I try to kill the process. That's just really frustrating since I no longer have patience for computers. It wouldn't be a big deal if it happened once a month but since I've been using this new OS I've had several applications die such as IE, Firefox, Windows explorer and Windows picture viewer. Boy when they crash they also take 2 minutes which means at least 10 minutes of my life have been wasted waiting for software to die. Pathetic.

So to summarize, I like Windows 7. It's an improvement over Vista since it actually has some nice GUI features (like if a window is minimized you can hover over it and see a preview) that make managing windows much easier. In this respect I actually like it over Windows XP. I still don't like the browsing and directory structure of Vista/7 compared to XP. To be fair though, Win 7 is so much better than Vista. I hate using my desktop for most things other than watching anime, and that piece of junk is Windows Vista. In contrast to that horrible experience I must say I've enjoyed using Windows 7 on my laptop. I may switch back to Windows XP tablet but at this point I'll try to stick out Windows 7 for a few more months. I just love the cool backgrounds and the simple fact that I can get them to change every 5 minutes (about the maximum amount of time I can keep my focus on something).


So some of you probably want to know what a senpai is. I know Clint is starting to realize what it means to be a senpai. What does it mean to be a senpai? Well, sometimes you have to do something epic like getting 106 kills with 31 deaths on COD4. To be a true senpai though it takes more than just gun skills. Legends and myth are made of senpais.

Rumor has it Tran-senpai once got in a fist fight against a gorilla ...

and won. Legend says senpai wrestled a lion with his hands tied behind his back ...

and made the lion submit. He taught ancient civilizations how to tame and worship wild dogs ...

and the dogs were in the image of Mabel. Senpais can cut giant trees down ...

with a judo chop. Scientists have now proven that dinosaurs went extinct because of ...



I finally updated the look of this page. It took me many months of putting it off but I took the initiative around 2:00AM this morning and made a new banner. Hope everyone likes it!


Happy 2009? So I haven't made any updates this year so far but now I no longer have any excuses. I have some more hardware now that'll hopefully make updating my website a little easier. Fortunately I've been taking pictures throughout the year so I can show you how much our baby girl has grown! She can catch frisbees now and her personality has really come together in the past few months. She's so adult now! She's 20.8 pounds!

Outside of puppy life everything else is going well. 2009 has a lot in store for the Henry Tran so I hope to keep the website updated with lots of pictures. In the past few months I've managed to do the following:

  • Lose some weight and fit some old suits, thanks to a friendly cold
  • Started running again
  • Picked up the old fishing rod and hit the lake again
  • Went to NYC
  • Found out that Pat now lives in NYC and I didn't visit him
  • Played lots of COD4 with Clint, taught him the meaning of senpai
  • Got a new winter coat that weighs a third of the weight of my old blue North Face
  • Let my car get extremely dirty
  • Watched lots of new animes
  • Watched lots of new j-dramas


Here's a random shot of Altoona, PA. It's been a while since I've driven through the middle of PA and this definitely reminds me of my long drive to Penn State. I wish I would've had more of a chance to take pictures in the mountains but I was too busy driving Karen.


I went out to do a photo shoot and you can see the fruits of my labor below, I'm pretty pleased myself with the results:


I wanted to make some changes to the website to clean things up. First I moved all of Mabel's pictures to the Mabel page including her updates. I realized how cluttered the home page got with just Mabel updates.


I've discovered a new website. Thanks Yepepep for the find, I now have another website to waste my time with.


Now it's time for Mabel talk because I know that's what you want to read about. Today Mabel consistently caught her small frisby. I'm not sure if it's because Karen and I can now throw the frisbee better but I think it finally clicked with Mabel. Tonight we were throwing our big frisbee and as usual Mabel would chase it. Then I pulled out the two little frisbess and all of a sudden she decided to start catching them. She even knew how to jump for them like a little border collie with a nubbin. I'm so proud of her!

Another little story about Mabel, Karen and I went out to Pet Co to pick up some more toys for our girl after her puppy class last Wednesday. We ended up getting her some mini tennis balls and a new ducky to replace the old one. I'm sorry to say both of her toys are now destroyed. The day we gave crazy dog her ducky she ripped all the stuffing out. The tennis balls didn't last long either. These new balls didn't squeak like her old ones and I think Mabel got frustrated at them. So she decided to rip the blue fuzz off of them. I am still finding strings of blue fuzz on my carpet.


Well I have a cold but I'm still making progress on the Kyoto blog updates. I've made small thumbails of all my available pictures so far but I need to watermark all my pictures and upload everything. I plan on having my latest updates to the Kyoto blog soon. No new pictures this update but I'll have some more up soon (I always say that). I'm also planning out how to re-organize everything. My last few updates have all gone to the main page and not to their correct sub-pages, I'll have to rethink how to update my site so it'll be easier for you to navigate. Really though, how hard could this be? I have 3 separate pages. Come one!

On another note, I've been playing Rock Band 2 with Adam and my drumming career is unstoppable. Too bad I don't have enough room to get myself a set to further feed my addiction.


I don't want to sound redundant, but maintaining Miss Mabel's website is quite the undertaking! It's hard to find time to go through all of her pictures, find the ones I like, convert them, resize them, watermark them, edit the website, upload the pictures, etc. It's a lot of work since I do most of this by hand. Regardless, I finally got an update of some of my favorite pictures that I've accumulated over the past few months. To give you an idea of how many pictures I have, I've taken over 400 pictures on my iPhone, most of which are Mabel pics! Obsessed? Possibly.

I decided to go back and add some entries from the past so it appears that I've been updating my site! You'll notice I added some entries before my last update so make sure you look at everything! To sum up 2008 so far, Mabel has grown so much and fallen in love with playing frisbee, taken Mabel on lots of hiking trips on the local trails, put Mabel through four puppy classes, Hunter got married (somehow), I've entered the world of hifi audio and bought some stunning speakers, had my TV break again, got a PS3, had to buy new tires for my car (tragic), and joined a roller hockey league (the Beached Whales). Needless to say we've been very busy this year!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

5-31-2008 Maybe...

Well it happened. Hunter and Kristi got married. Some would say it started out as a nice, normal, trouble-free wedding. Everyone congratulated Hunter and Kristi, telling them nice things. "Kristi you look great today! I love your dress" or "You two will be so happy together, best wishes!". I believe I even heard someone say "Hunter you're jokes are so funny and original and to top it off you're so modest and not egotistical!" Julius Peppers even decided to make a cameo appearance with some Arby's food for his pre-wedding game show. Like I said, everything was normal as can be.

Well when Henry Tran, ace photographer, is on the job nothing normal hapens around him! I see weddings as a good time for explosions of joy and love and friendship!!


I got some Paradigm Studio series speakers, and boy are they sexy! White cones are well worth the extra money! I got these speakers for a couple of reasons. The first is I watch a lot of anime and I needed to replace my computer speakers. Well I upgraded with speakers that stand two inches high with speakers that are about four feet high. Second, I recently started to listen to music a lot more ranging from JPopto classical. I'm enjoying listening to a lot of different genres of music and they sound amazingly crisp and clear.

Even Mabel enjoys the speakers! I was shopping for some toys for her online and the website I was at has a cool function that lets you listen to the squeaker of the toy. This prevents you from buying a toy online that has a super obnoxious squeak. Well I tried this out and Mabel's huge satellite ears perked up. You should try it with your dog!

Egg baby toy we're going to get for Mabel


Wow! I've been spending the past 2 hours updating this site with old updates. Read the updates below to find out what I've been up to the past month. Not that you really care. Of course there are Mabel pictures in here and I'll be posting more up soon. I hope to reorganize the site to make it a little easier to follow, and hopefully add a section for my portfolio. Why a portfolio you ask? Mainly because I want to take pictures for people and start getting more photography work in.

Speaking of photography, the observant Mabel-fanatic will see that the number on my pictures has jumped from the high 9000 to the low 100s. Why do you ask? Well it just means I took over 10,000 photos since I got my camera. Splendid work Henry! Now if you could only improve with your photography!! Wow, 10,000 clicks. That's more than Karen has taken her entire life, this information is straight from the horses mouth. She said she only took two or three disposable camera's worth of pictures on her trip to greece. What's a disposable camera? Well if you're asking that you might be too young to know what a floppy disk or a message board is too. Go wikipedia it you young brats. Heck, they didn't even have 'photoshop' back then and these days it's a verb!!! Wow, we're getting old aren't we?


I just spent a long weekend visiting Brandon in LA. I took a lot of useless photos of Hunter, Brandon and myself. I did get the typical Hollywood sign and this great landscape photo. It's so massive I don't think it'll fit in the tables so I'll just give you a direct link to this massive (I mean 3 MB compresed, massive) photo. Apparently it's rare for LA to be this clear. OK enough hype, just click.

I got to see Ron from Office Space. Nice guy and a nice city. I can't say that I love the traffic. Now I can see why stars want Priuses. Not only are they trendy but useful. No matter I'm happy with 300 hp. Now that I think about it, I did see a lot of fancy cars in LA (to no one's surprise. I saw a couple of Maseratis. It was cool at first, but when you see 3 or 4 of the same car on the street the novelty just wears off. I've seen a couple near my place so really LA isn't much different than home! Come on people if you're gonna have money at least spend it on something unique! OK I'm just really jealous, although I'd still rather buy a GT-R. Enough car talk, you're probably all bored!

While in LA we saw some cool things but this puppy was easily the cutest thing I saw in LA. Yeah it was a good trip!


Hopefully 2008 will be a good year for everyone. I have nothing really exciting to report other than we took Mabel out for a nice long walk and got some peace and quiet. Two hours walking the puppy is no easy task, but the rewards are well worth it. Unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out all that great (I don't think I'd get Karen's approval) so I have nothing to post. :( Sorry, maybe next time I can take an interesting photo. On that note, maybe I can actually keep up to date on my site and post things on time, yeah right. I have a better chance of losing 20 pounds than post pictures on time, which means I'll fat and lazy for 2008. 25 years of fatty procrastination.


Well the end of the year is coming around and I have nothing exciting to report. We finally got some heavy rain and it brought the squirrels out of the woodwork. I found this fuzzy friend trying to dry off on my porch. It looks as funny as Mabel does out of the tub. Speaking of the devil, I also snapped a picture of her the night before discovering the powers of the window! It's like a whole new world out there. Yes, we have our windows open on December 30th.

December 25, 2007

It's been a while! I hate the holidays mainly because it breaks my rhythm/flow. Believe it or not I do have a sense of rythm contrary to my looks. Just don't ask me to dance sober. I'm going to cheat and date this for december eventhough today is january 29.

To sum up, I went home for the holidays which went well. My sister came back from Denmark for 2 weeks to spend time with the awesome Tran clan. We got to spend some time together as a family and reminisce about old Macy moose. She certainly was missed this Christmas. Here is a picture of Macy sitting around last Christmas.

A lot has happened with our little superstar over the holidays. When Karen and I came up to PA we went to Philadelphia to see Karen's Uncle Bob. Here Mabel met Riley. Easily the largest puppy she has played with to date, you can see how Mabel compares to Riley's water bowl. Riley clocked in at 90 pounds, big enough to give Karen a run for her money. Fortunately Riley is a sweetie and played nicely. Poor Joan was worried sick, unlike daddy who firmly believes in tough love and survival of the fittest.

After spending the weekend visiting Karen's family I took Mabel to York. She got to meet the nephews and niece. As suspected she did really well. Unfortunately she spent a lot of time in the kennel because daddy doesn't know how to take a day off.

Other than that it was a normal holiday. I posted a bunch of family pictures for your viewing entertainment. Also I got to see some old friends. Of course CK and I played video games, but I also got to take some great pictures of him. Take a look at this genuine player.

Finally I threw in some obligatory family pictures and sprinkled in some pictures of food. More of a Thanksgiving meal than a Christmas meal. Not that I care. Oh and of course Mabel was there to play with everyone. She only scored one present from my family but she also got to chew on the leftover gift wrap. Nice!

Hope you all had a good holiday! Enjoy the pics.


Ok I'm cheating, this really should be part of yesterday's update but if I break this into two daily updates it will create the illusion of regularity. So for today's update I've added videos of both Macy and Mabel to my site. Go to their pages to see the videos and enjoy!


After much pressure, I've updated the site with more Mabel pictures! Mabel has grown so much since she's come home with me. She now can go up and down the apartment steps without much trouble. She's still scared of going down the steps but completely fearless going up. Mabel has been to Pennsylvania to visit the family and everyone loved her. Check out Mabel's new pictures!

Also, I've updated a finally started compressing my pictures so most of the pages will load faster. The enormous Kyoto project is still in the works, but Mabel's and Macy's page should now be a little faster (although I'm not thrilled that the thumbnails have lost a lot of the quality of the original pictures). Thanks for putting up with my laziness.


Mabel is doing well and everyone is asbolutely loving her. I bet if I were to look at my site visits they've probably increased 100 fold because of her. I've updated both the Mabel and Macy pages with more pictures. I've also put a lot of info about Mabel, almost like a FAQ. Enjoy the pics!


Finally, I have a random picture I took from Elon's campus. Enjoy!


Yay! A happy update to my site!! To see my new floofer, click here.

I know Macy would be very happy with the new addition! I miss you Macy!


I have a three things that I wanted to mention in this update. The first is I've uploaded some extra pictures to the Kyoto blog. I hope that by the end of the year I can have everything uploaded. I'd also like to have a link to just the pictures from Kyoto, in case you aren't interested in the words!

Second, I wanted to mention three animes that I've been watching. Death Note, School Rumble, and Nodame Cantabile are all wonderful series. Each series captivated me in a different way, and if you have the chance definitely check these animes out!

The third point is unfortunately about my dear dog Macy. She passed away on October 16th, 2007. I was fortunate that there were so many people who supported me this past week. They certainly made this hard time much more bearable. I wanted to make a special thanks to Matt who was very supportive of me when Macy died, I couldn't have asked for a better friend to be there with me. Macy has been a very important member of the family for over 14 years (and always will be a part of the family). She will be sorely missed. I am happy that I could be with her when she died. I hope she knows that she was not alone and certainly loved. I've uploaded just a handful of pictures that I've taken of Macy while she was living in my apartment. I hope that the 2 months she was with me were as happy for her as they were for me. Also, thanks Macy for many wonderful memories! <3


Hello Everyone! It's good to have a website back, I hope everyone is excited to view my page. I'm currently working on my site and will be making updates as often as possible. Nothing on this page is new as of now, but I plan on finishing my Kyoto pictures soon and then we can get to the fun stuff! Stay tuned.