I've accumulated some photos of Mabel that I needed to get on the site. Here are some of her just sitting nicely. My thought is she was planning to destroy something.


I recently bought some street hockey stuff and I was playing around with it in the apartment. Mabel saw the opportunity to intercep the puck and keep it to herself. Rather than trying to save my 8 dollar puck from bite marks, I rushed to grab my camera and soak in the cuteness. I guess the puck is about the same price as a lot of her toys. Funny where you can find inspiration for dog toys.


Karen wanted to get Mabel this silly ball that's shaped like a brown monkey. Creatively we named it 'monkey ball'. It looks like a big coco puff in these photos. I think this ball squeaked but Mabel has surgically broken the squeaker. Now that I think about it I don't think I know where this ball is, which is probably a good thing as Mabel has already stolen my hockey pucks as her new toy.


I love seeing Mabel in snow. It makes her so happy to be in it, similar to when she is playing frisbee. I don't think it was util 2009 when Karen and I realized how much Mabel LOVES snow. When she was a puppy I think she had trouble understanding what it was. Now Mabel knows it's just a giant, wet pillow for her to plow through. Fortunately we get some snow down here from time to time, making it a special treat for Mabel.


I never tire trying to get the perfect shot of Mabel catching a frisbee. It's though to get variety since I'm limited by how close I can get and it's tough focusing on such a fast and small target. This just means I need to get more equipment! ^_^

After a good frisbee session I was able to snag some interesting photos of Mabel while we were walking. I'll have to try and get more shots like this from a lower perspective and increase the clarity. For now I'm just happy I have a shot of puppy walking from puppy's angle!


Her face says "no" but her eyes say "yes". "Yes Daddy, I want my Christmas cookie leftovers!!"


This is the first time I was able to get pictures of Mabel in the snow. The first time we took her to play in the snow was at a baseball field around 7 pm. It was really dark so it won would've been hard to get good shots. Karen and I let Mabel loose and she ran for 20 minutes nonstop. When we tried to wrap things up we realized we had nothing to trick her to come back to us. Usually we use a Frisbee or a treat but without those traps she was nevr going to stop playing. We tried everything to get her tp come back, for example we tried luring her with snowballs. We even tried leaving the field to see if she would follow, no luck with plan B. I even tried tackling her but she was just too low and fast, also wearing gloves didn't help.


Here's our girl playing frisbee. She's become a solid catcher and never gives up! She'll even hover 4 inches off the ground to get to her frisbee!


I snuck some more new photos of Mabel on the site! I've also decided to put all Mabel updates on this page only. So keep your eyes on this page for the latest photos of Mabel.


Well as you know we got Mabel a backpack a long time ago. She kind of fits it now but not really. Her long, big rib cage makes for an odd body shape that most manufacturers ignore. Oh well, I still get a lot of good use out of that backpack. I put maybe a pound or so of rocks inside to help Mabel think she's doing some work. During one of my hikes at a local lake I found out that Mabel is scared of baby sized waves! Oh no!

After our hike, I went to the great golden arches to get some food and Karen wanted a happy meal since it's the right size for her. When the guy asked if I wanted a girl or a boy toy at the drive through I asked for a girl one and ended up getting a Barbie. Well when we were eating Mabel was really interested in the Barbie that Karen ended up breaking down and giving her the Barbie. I find it odd that she didn't care at all at the McGriddle I was muching on.


Every dog has their quirks. Mabel has this very interesting quirk of stealing dirty laundry. If you take your shoes off she'll look at your socks waiting for you to take them off. She'll run into the bedroom and grab a pair of dirty socks and run off like a bandit! I've never seen anything like it. I should probably disicpline her but it's so cute I don't mind it. She doesn't ruin the clothes, just moves them and tosses them around. My socks aren't that nice for me to care! It's interesting, I put her toys in my dirty laundry before I got her because the toy manufacturer recommended trying that to get the dog acclimated. Maybe that backfired!


Nothing makes a daddy more happy than seeing his baby girl roaming around happily in a bed of someone else's flowers! Just before my birthday I had to take my baby girl out to the fairgrounds!


Sometimes Mabel puts herself in cute positions and I have to snap a quick photo. Karen took a nap on the floor and left the pillow and blankets on the floor. Of course a well mannered girl like Mabel understands that comfort is the highest priority when you live a stressful puppy life!! She gives the princess and the pea story a whole new modern meaning!


When you get a puppy it's tempting to put them in cute places and take pictures. Here's a picture of Mabel and Grandma Julie's apartment. Time to get the puppy pressed!


Karen got the brilliant idea of going out and buying Mabel some puppy ice cream. When we take her out to play frisbee she get's so hot and overheated I guess Karen felt bad and got our spoiled dog some yummy ice cream. It took a little while for Mabel to figure this one out but once she did she definitely gobbled it down. I wonder if dogs get brain freeze?


I've come to learn that corgis aren't water loving dogs. At least not mine. She's pretty good in the tub as you can see, but she definitely doesn't look happy! That's what happens to puppies that dig in the mud!


Mabel is a curious puppy, and I noticed her sense of smell is getting better as she gets older. I think she found a worm in that pile of mud.


I have no idea what was going on this day but I took a picture of my baby anyway! You wanted more pictures so here they are!


Well here's another first. Corgi Mabel get's her first orange! Our vet said that it's good to give your dog a variety of food, so now I try to give her some leafy greens, some fruits, and her organic yogurt on top of her peanut butter treats and human grade dog kibble (she eats better than I do). Just like with the carrot, she plays with it before eating it. I guess playing with her food helps her determine if it's edible.


Well we got the spoiled mutt some new toys. Mabel has been getting better at ripping toys open and pulling the stuffing out. Thankfully she doesn't eat the fluff and just likes playing tugg with the emptied bodies of her victims. We'll see how long these last. These toys are from the same company that made the squirrel hut that I bought for Mabel the day before I bought her. The theory is you put the bird, egg or squirrel in their house, alligator, or hut. Then the dog is supposed to care enough to take the toy out of the hut. Well Mabel doesn't really play nice and would rather just play with the squeaky part. That's OK, I put her treats inside the alligator and then stuff it inside the bird house and make her dig it out. That seems to keep her busy for a while. Take that you crazy dog!


I can't help but compare Macy to Mabel. Macy was the sweetest dog you could ever ask for. Mabel...is a self-righteous queen that gets what she wants. My family never really spoiled Macy all that much until I got her in the last days of her life. Macy you want Chic-fil-a? Right away! Macy you want us to cook you ground beef so you can sniff it, walk away and ask for spoon fed yogurt and chick-fil-a? Consider it done!

Mabel on the other hand brute forces you into doing what she wants. She'll kick you off the couch or give you not-so-subtle hints like dropping a tennis ball on your lap because she wants to play fetch. I certainly don't spoil Mabel like some people do, I've determined she's much more of an alpha dog than Macy ever was.

The reason I bring all this up is this update's photo is a picture of Mabel in Macy's old raincoat. No it doesn't fit. No Mabel didn't like it. Yes it was raining that day. Macy was a fairly tall dog, Mabel is a skinny short runt.

Oh my Macy, how I miss you! I hope you don't mind that Mabel uses your old water and food bowl.


Mabel is such a pretty dog, I know everyone thinks their kid is the honor roll student or the coolest kid in school but I have to say Mabel is just a beautiful dog! Strike a pose Mabel, you're on www.thehenrytran.com! What's that? you want it to be www.QueenMabelPwnsYou.com?


A lot of times I get home too late from work to take Mabel on a long walk every day and I feel really guilty when that happens. So what ends up happening is we have indoor recess which is never as fun as outdoor recess. Regardless, throughing a frisbee inside a small apartment can get pretty sticky. Don't ask about the last picture, I have no idea what she was doing. Lookig back it looks like she's sneezing or something. The indoor lighting is such a pain in my apartment, sorry for the nasty flash.


Miss Mabel loves to nibble, and here's a picture of her muching on a pine cone. Karen and I sometimes take Mabel to walk through some random neighborhoods to help introduce her to new areas. I try to take Mabel on a 30 minute walk everyday. Lately I've been taking her on two 30 minute walks during the week and on weekends we'll go for a 3 mile hike or a good session of frisbee. I can't imagine not exercising Mabel as much as we do. She has so much energy to burn off. All this working out is how we keep our baby girl in shape, too bad it doesn't work on daddy.


I just can't seem to keep up with this site! I've been taking a lot of pictures of you know who, and I've managed to accumulate 3 months worth of pictures. On the plus side of things I guess I have plenty of stuff to post. I just added some pictures of our most recent play date. We had some new puppies join the usual suspects last weekend and judging by the pictures it looks like they had fun (the bulldog puppies). As usual Mabel was filthy, you can see in the last picture her belly is all muddy and wet. At least Mabel doesn't put up too much of a fuss when we give her a bath, maybe she'll learn not to get dirty someday. Yeah right.

I'm going to break a few rules too and add posts in the past. I know I shouldn't do this but it'll help keep the flow! Expect some posts to magically appear in the past, I'll put a current update letting you know that I put up an old post. I have some cute pictures coming up so keep checking up on the site!! Here is a sneak preview of good things to come.


Corgis are herding dogs. They chase things and bark at random things when they want them to start running. They make a loud snapping noise to instigate movement. Corgis are wild beasts that can't be controlled! Here's some pictures of Mabel running around a baseball field that we like to take her to. Karen was throwing her mini-tennis ball around. These days Mabel has no interest in tennis balls when we're at the baseball field, she's more interested in frisbees! Her focus is so intense on frisbees, I'm confident you could put a bowl of dog food, peanut butter in a Kong, and a yummy dental treat and she wouldn't even flinch. She's certainly work motivated. I love the pictures of her chasing the birds! How cute!

Looking at these pictures again, I respect sports photographers so much now. It's incredibly hard to get an picture of a running object that's framed properly and in focus. I could use a new lens for long distance puppy shots!!


I like to photograph milestones for my dog. As you can see here, this was her first carrot. Mabel is a funny girl, when she sees something new to eat, she'll sniff it, pick up and play with it for a little, then she'll slowly eat it. This is the exact opposite of Macy. If you dropped a piece of something delicious on the floor it'd be gone before you even realized you dropped it. Macy had a survial instinct like none other. Mabel...well she's a luxury type puppy.


At this point Mabel isn't really affectionate. You pretty much have to catch her in order to get her to let you pet her! By the way, who is this kid? He better never come to my house again because I "found your weakness!!" What a terrible inside joke.

His name is Genis...I mean Brian.


Happy Valentines Day!

Hugs and kisses from Miss Mabel.


Broken? Not anymore, we just got Mabel fixed! Enjoy our drugged up puppy!

Another play date?! 3-15-2008

Play dates are a staple of my lifestyle now. Without them I would no longer be sane. Here is anothre prime example of other dogs helping me stay sane.


Mabel's first puppy class was tonight and it was really helpful. We have been working with her for a while on the basics but getting her to do stuff with distractions is a whole new ball game.

At least she is worn out from playing with the bulldogs! They were incredibly cute with their short tails wiggling super fast. I realized how important it is to read the puppies' body language. It was good to see her be playful with other pups. Sorry no pics I am too tired myself!

I've been bad lately! I have added yet another hobby (expensive) to my extensive list. I enjoy anime, cel collecting, kendo, aikido, golf, tennis, volleyball, cars, photography, wine, cooking, cooking gadgets, darts, ping pong, fishing, home theater stuff, working out, drinking, video games, pet owning (I don't know if it's a hobby but it sure costs enough), camping, Hugo Boss (again more of a drug than hobby), finding new ways to prove that batman is better than superman, and probably a lot more. My point is I have a lot of pricey hobbies and now I collect anime figurines. Expect an update soon with some pictures of figurines and my long awaited cels (that I bought over 2 years ago and have been trying to get them professional framed since then!

On a final note I uploaded a boat load of updates and random pics from the last month. Hopefully you can make sense of it!


I have a secret to tell you. I typed the last few updates on my new iPhone. It is surprisingly easy to use and it's extremely useful. I hate looking trendy but I can't deny the convenience of having the Internet, google maps, an iPod (listening to Utada Hikaru as I type) and a camera all on the go. Again hip and useful, too bad iTunes is a mystery to me.

For the new update I decided to upload some pics I took with the phone.


I took Mabel to Ana's again for play time! Poor Ana never gets her peace when shorty is around. I did hear Ana growl for the first time. The dogs were eating their dental treats (see my depressing 12-31-2007 update) and Mabel was checking Ana's out. Apparently Mabel needs to mind her own business! In Mabel's defense, Ana was hogging all the treats and using her sneakiest tactics to get all the dental treats!

The weird thing is, the treats don't lost that long for Ana. What takes Mabel a few hours to chew down (if she even finishes it), will take Ana maybe 10 minutes. Well at least we managed to find a good gift idea for Ana that's good for her teeth!


Play date! I've learned the joy of dog play dates. Mike, our awesome trainer, has been cool enough to bring his stud of a dog out to play. This is his new puppy, Miles. We think he's Australian cattle dog and part pointer. They get along so well I couldn't ask for a better puppy match. Miles pretty much runs the show which is OK with me. I am just happy Mabel sleeps all day after a play date. I finally had a chance to get stuff done, just not updating this site.

Looking at the pictures you can see the immediate difference in size between the two 4 month old puppies. I think Miles is around 30 pounds in these pictures. He's a strong, fast, smart, and hungry dog. He's tricky, when I would work with Mabel on her tricks he would steal food out of my pouch. Unfortunately he tricked me multiple times, as Bill Clinton said, "Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me." Even if that's not exact, it's better than how President Bush did at remembering it without any help. Enough with the politics, it's puppy time!


Happy New Years devoted Mabel fans! If you're a real fan you wouldn't dream of going out and having fun, no certainly not. Instead you'd be craving to take your puppy to the vet. We took Mabel to the vet today, we thought partying and drinking was too cliche. Mabel uncharacteristically growled and got her panties in a bunch when the vet tried to stick her hands in the princess' mouth. Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde would be an understatement. You usually think of shots and weighing your puppy when you think of a vet, but we got a good treat tip for Mabel. There are these dental treats that look like raw hide (but aren't) and they keep Mabel busy for a long time. The one we got from the vet today lasted almost 4 hours, that to non-pet owners means 4 hours of quiet and productivity! To loyal fans of thehenrytran.com that means photo-ops!

A new discovery. 12-30-2007

Little Mabel just continues to learn new things! Here's a picture of her figuring out that you can see interesting things (dogs and squirrels) out the window. You can even bark at them too!

Attack of the holiday puppy! December 25, 2007

Here are a few photos from Mabel's first Christmas! Mabel got to meet Riley, and she even got a nice Christmas bear toy from him. Which by the way she has already torn off two of the rings and now just chews on his santa hat. She got to spend some quality time with the kids and had minimal potty accidents in our relative's homes.


Well, our spoiled dog takes one more step towards being even more spoiled. Karen and I bought her yet another toy, this one also falls into the "plush" category. Karen has named this guy "George", as in George of the Jungle. She also thinks he's a lion, but I think he's a leopard. The freaking toy is bigger than she is. It reminds me of those spoiled kids that had stuffed animals that were as big as they were, definitely a sign of upper class spoiled-ness.


Lot's of new updates! Mabel had a trainer stop by and work with her last Sunday and it's amazing how fast she learns. She picked up some basic tricks like "lay", "come here", and a few others in as little as 3 tries!! It only took Mike (the trainer) 10 minutes to teach Mabel "lay" which really shocked me. I can't wait to see what other things she picks up. Mike also worked with Karen and I for a while, giving us some great tips to keep the biter under control.

The first tip was to get Mabel more KONG toys (see my last update). While we were at the pet store we picked up a new toy for Mabel (well she picked it out herself actually). It's a cute green frog that I have dubbed Kappa. Dirty Mabel has already licked the toy so much it's now completely filthy. Fortunately she loves Kappa as much as much as human flesh so my hands have enjoyed a brief respite from Mabel's fangs. Poor Kappa will never be clean again.

Mike also recommended that we get Mabel a backpack when she gets a little bigger. I couldn't resist and got her one now just so she can get used to it. I can see now why people dress their dogs up in little outfits, nothing boosts your self confidence more than seeing your puppy look like a complete fool. I've uploaded a bunch of new photos on Mabel's page, I hope to have that page reworked and broken down by the end of the weekend. Enjoy the pictures for now!


It's official, Mabel's ears have finally stood up! She looks a lot like a fox. In other news, we have bought her another chew toy. She's actually chewing on it as I type this. It's a KONG chew toy, you can find it at KONG pet toys. She really seems to like the stuffing that came with it. Sorry, no new pictures of Mabel to upload.

Mabel's first class in manners plus videos! 11-30-2007

Mabel's first trick was sit, which came very naturally to her. She basically did it without us even asking her. The next important trick we taught her was "go potty", and we have a relatively high rate of success with that (to the point where I think she fakes peeing so she can get a treat). Then we taught Mabel how to use the stairs, another useful trick given I live on the second floor. The newest addition to her bag of tricks is the ever important, "shake."

As an added bonus I've posted videos of Mabel in action, enjoy the videos!

Mabel shaking video - 24MB
Mabel confused on her first day in my apartment - 15MB

Two ears?!?! 11-26-2007

Everyone keeps asking if Mabel's ears will stand up on her own. Finally when her first ear stands up they start asking why her other one won't stand up. It's been almost 2 weeks since Mabel's right ear stood up and I've been patiently waiting for the second one to stand up. Today I noticed that her left ear decided to join the party! Here's a quick photo I snapped of it before it decided to fall back down. It'll be any day now!!

Mabel's ears

Mabel's ears are starting to stand up on their own. Her right ear is basically upright while her left one is trying to catch up. I hope her other ear stands up fairly soon.

After we came back from Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving I decided our dirty puppy needed another bath. Unfortunately a bath tub is too big so the kitchen sink will have to do. Mabel is one cute dog, but she looks absolutely pathetic when wet. Enjoy the pictures of her second bath! Also, while we were in Pennsylvania Mabel got to meet Clint's dogs, Shelby and Dixie. Mabel absolutely loves Dixie and wants to see her soon! Too bad she'll never be big enough to compete with Dixie.

More Mabel pics! 11-9-2007

Show me Mabel's first day!

Mable FAQ

  • How old is Mabel? Mabel was born on September 12, 2007
  • What kind of dog is Mabel? Mabel is a tri color Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
  • What's a corgi? It's a herding dog that originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Wikipedia's definition
  • Is she a huskie? No.
  • How big will she get? No more than 30 pounds.
  • Is that a girl? Yes.
  • Can I have her? Sure, as long as you bring her back after housebreaking her and teaching her not to nip/bite.
  • How do her ears stand up? Corgi ears will stay up on their own after a few months.
  • Where did you get her? From a breeder, Patty's Puppy Love Farm.

Beautiful Mabel!

After much research Karen and I found our next fluffy friend! This little puppy met all of our strict requirements. Has a fluffy neck, weighs less than Karen, cute as a button, and maintains my "bad boy image." Karen and I drove out to Burlington to pick this pretty girl up and it was well worth the drive. We found her at Patty's Puppy Love Farm . If you're looking for a dog, I highly recommend Patty's love farm.

Mabel is very energetic and nippy! She loves chasing her toys and walking aimlessly in my apartment. She loves picking up leaves outside and carries them around, and she likes sleeping at the edge of Macy's lumpy pillow! On top of that, she can use Macy's old water dish, thank you Macy!