We <3 Macy!

Macy you're so wondeful, I could have never asked for a better dog! There's so much more I wanted to do with her but I know that this is for the best. Please enjoy these pictures of Macy, they show some of her most common activities. Eating, sleeping, and digging through the trash can are easily some of her favorites!!

More Macy! - 11-9-07

I've dug up a few more pictures of our sweet honey.

Videos of what Macy does best! 11-30-2007

Macy was never a glamorous dog, but she was our dog. Macy won't wow you like Mabel does, but she certainly has her own charm. These videos are far from exciting, but they capture so much of what I'll always remember about Macy...sleeping and eating.

Macy laying around video - 6MB
Old dogs need their yogurt! - 1MB